The Callysto Team

Staff Dr Byron Chu

Dr. Byron Chu

Callysto Program Manager
Data Scientist Cybera

Byron has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Calgary. His studies focused on the intrinsic properties of proteins, and today he applies the same principles to data and network-enabled projects. Byron is interested in the intersection of data analysis and storytelling, and how numbers can inform everyday life, from networks, and the environment to health issues.

Staff Dr Ian Allison

Dr. Ian Allison

Systems and Network Manager, PIMS

Ian Allison has a Master in Science in Mathematics and Physics, and a PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics from the University of Glasgow. He has worked in High Performance Computing, as well as System and Network management for over 10 years and is responsible for creating and operating the JupyterHub service.


Ozgur Yilmaz

Director, PIMS

Ozgur is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of British Columbia. His research program focuses on the mathematics of information and data. At Callysto, Ozgur is interested in contributing to the computational literacy of the next generation by incorporating math and coding concepts into applications that are part of our everyday life.

Staff Maria Cutumisu

Dr. Maria Cutumisu

Callysto Research Assessment Team Lead

Dr. Cutumisu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education, at the University of Alberta, where she runs her lab in the area of Measurement, Evaluation, and Data Science. Her research interests include computational thinking, serious games, and psychophysiological assessment techniques.

Staff Meagan Hampel

Meagan Hampel

Communications Director, Cybera

Meagan is an expert in translating complex topics in technology into simple and intriguing stories. She has led Cybera’s communications team since 2014, and has launched several new programs, events, and media platforms to increase awareness of the company’s many digital initiatives and promote its message of innovation for social change.


Professor Michael Lamoureux

Callysto Ambassador for B.C.

Dr. Lamoureux is a Faculty Professor at the University of Calgary and the Callysto representative for PIMS. His research program addresses harmonic analysis, wave propagation, and numerical methods, with applications in geoscience and seismic imaging. Dr. Lamoureux has developed courses in industrial mathematics and complex analysis using Jupyter notebooks.

Staff David Hay

David Hay

Learning & Development Manager

David is a teacher from Elk Island Public Schools. His work on the Callysto project involves incorporating computational thinking and data science into regular curricular activities, and fostering digital literacy among teachers and students. If he's not at his desk, you will find him on a bicycle with his family, or inside a virtual reality headset.


Ishruna Muniyat

Communications Specialist

Ishruna has a B. Pharm and M. Pharm degrees from the University of Dhaka and an MSc in Chemistry with a specialization in Biophysical Chemistry from the University of Calgary. She
is passionate about understanding and communicating concepts in science. When she is not at her desk, you will probably find her playing with her feline companions or making art.

Mary Grant Head Shot_web

Mary Grant

Education Specialist

Mary has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta & Master of Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia. She has been an Educator in Grades 2 to 12 for twenty years, and loves to immerse herself in the school culture and build meaningful connections. Three things Mary cannot live without are her family, the ocean, and pencils, (yes, pencils!).


Rania Mahdi

Education Specialist Intern

Rania has Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Alberta. She loves working with students and teachers in schools. Rania enjoys learning languages and is currently brushing up on her Cree and Turkish. If she is not at her desk, you will probably find her making a cup of coffee or tending to her calathea plant.

Bobbi headshot

Bobbi Belsek

Education Specialist

Bobbi has spent the past eight years teaching in Alberta classrooms, primarily working with Grade 5 students. At Callysto, he is helping classroom teachers integrate data science into their lessons through outreach events and presentations, and he enjoys the challenges this role brings. The three things he could not live without are: coffee, the gym, and camping.


Jenny Lee

Data Science Intern

Jenny Lee has a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Neuroscience from the Western University and a Bachelor of Science in Statistics from the University of British Columbia. At Callysto, Jenny works on projects to analyze and visualize data on trending topics. If she is not at her desk, you will probably find her lying down on her bed playing Nintendo.


Eric Lee

Data Science Intern

Eric is currently studying for a Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta. In addition to his studies, he has developed an AI gym web application that uses computer vision to track successful and unsuccessful repetitions of gym activities. At Callysto, Eric enjoys seeing others utilize the tools he develops. When he's not at his desk, he can often be found playing video games in his free time, particularly the Dark Souls franchise.


Ayush Chaudhari

Data Science Intern

Ayush is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering at the University of Calgary. He is passionate about data science and is excited by the prospect of working on unique projects at Callysto. He expresses a desire to visit Australia to to see all the wacky animals. When not at his desk, he can often be found playing basketball.


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