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SubjectGradeTitleDescriptionLinkDate Added
Technologie4 - 12CommencerPour commencer avec CallystoCliquez2020-04-21
Technologie4 - 12Journal numériqueJournal numérique du camp d'étéCliquez2020-04-21
Technologie4 - 12LaTeX (en français)Pour commencer avec LaTeXCliquez2020-04-21
Technologie4 - 12Markdown (en français)Pour commencer avec markdownCliquez2020-04-21
Technologie4 - 12Introduction aux PythonPour commencer avec PythonCliquez2020-04-21
Technology Studies4 - 12Turtle Python ProgrammingLearn how to use Python to program a virtual turtle to drawClick2020-03-24
Technology Studies4 - 12Turtles and Python DictionariesLearning about lists and dictionaries by drawing with a Python turtleClick2020-04-21
Technology Studies4 - 12Turtles and Python Data ScienceLearning about pandas Data Frames by drawing with a Python turtleClick2020-04-21
Technologie5 - 12Introduction aux données ouvertesPour commencer avec données ouvertesCliquez2020-04-21
Technology Studies5 - 12Introduction to PythonLearn the basics of Python and algorithms in this introductory notebookClick2018-09-17
Technology Studies5 - 12Introduction to Python ClassesLearn about Python classesClick2019-03-15
Technology Studies12Introduction to Data Structures in PythonInvestigate types of data structures and the advantages of organizing data in different ways using PythonClick2020-02-04
Technology Studies12Accessing Open Data via APIUsing the SODA API to access, transform, and plot dataClick2020-06-09

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