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SubjectGradeTitleDescriptionLinkDate Added
Social Studies5Geographic Progression of American RevolutionExplore an interactive timeline of the American Revolution with lessons in geographyClick2018-09-17
Social Studies5Orphan Wells in AlbertaMapping orphan well locations in AlbertaClick2020-02-05
Social Studies5-9Capitals CitiesCreate an interactive map of the capital cities in CanadaClick2020-10-23
Social Studies7-12Music is UbiquitousAnalyze a Spotify dataset and learn about artists from around the worldClick2020-02-04
Social Studies8Telling TimeHistory and examples of telling timeClick2020-02-04
Social Studies8Bubonic Plague timelineLearn about the progression of the bubonic plagueClick2018-09-17
Social Studies8Survive the Middle Ages GameA character based game on surviving the middle agesClick2020-08-29
Social Studies9-12Hansard AnalysisData analysis of transcripts obtained from Parliamentary debates in Britain and many Commonwealth countries ("Hansard")Click2021-03-31
Social Studies10Sustainability a side effect of globalizationExamine how human globalization has impact our environmentClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Trade and GlobalizationLearn about how goods are traded globallyClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Bubonic Plague disease modelingLearn about the bubonic plague and model its progressionClick2018-09-17
Social Studies10Communication and GlobalizationLearn about how telecommunications is making the world more connectedClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Languages an important identity in globalizing worldLearn about the languages from around the world that connect usClick2020-02-04
Social Studies10Migration necessity for diversityExamine patterns in human migration from around the worldClick2020-02-04
Etudes Sociales10-12Article sur l'immigration et le travailReproduction des résultats d'un article du LA TimesClick2020-04-21
Etudes Sociales10-12PIB provincial par industrieEnquêter sur les données du PIB par industrieClick2020-04-21
Social Studies11-12The Geography of Residential SchoolsStudents will demonstrate an understanding of the impact of residential schools on Indigenous children.Click2018-09-17

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