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SubjectGradeTitleDescriptionLinkDate Added
Mathematics5Multiples and FactorsLearn about mutliples and factors using PythonClick2020-03-24
Mathematics5Visualizing FractionsVisualizing and comparing fractions with bar and pie chartsClick2020-11-07
Mathematics5-6Multiplication TableCalculate and display a multiplication table, and generate random multiplication practice questionsClick2021-02-05
Mathematics5-12Coast Salish Basket Motifs: CreatingExplore geometric motifs and patterns while learning about traditional basket weaving of the Tla'amin Nation. In this notebook, students will be able to create their own motifClick2019-01-24
Mathematics5-12Pi DayLearn about and interact with Pi related activitiesClick2019-03-15
Mathematics5-12Coast Salish Basket Motifs: EditingExplore geometric motifs and patterns while learning about traditional basket weaving of the Tla'amin Nation. In this notebook they can display it in a 3D modelClick2019-01-24
Mathematics5-12Double Bar GraphsUse double bar graphs to visualize and compare dataClick2020-10-23
Mathématiques6Introduction aux fonctions mathématiquesExploration des fonctions mathématiques et des fonctions de PythonClick2020-04-21
Mathématiques6Réflexions mathématiquesRegard sur les réflexions mathématiquesClick2020-04-21
Mathematics6Drawing Angles with TurtlesVisualizing and naming angles using a Python turtleClick2021-03-31
Mathematics7Outliers and Central TendencyDetermine the effect on the mean, median and mode when an outlier is included in a data setClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Interpreting Statistical DataIntroduce confidence interval and confidence levelClick2020-06-22
Mathematics7Oral and Written PatternsDemonstrate an understanding of oral and written patterns and their equivalent linear relationsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Central TendencyDemonstrate an understanding of central tendency and rangeClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Area of a ParallelogramDevelop and apply a formula for determining the area of a parallelogramClick2019-03-15
Mathematics7Geometric TransformationsPerform and describe transformations (translations, rotations or reflections) of a 2-D shape in all four quadrants of a Cartesian planeClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7Counting TrianglesCounting triangles math puzzleClick2020-02-04
Mathematics7-12A classic statistics experiment is simply counting how many “heads” and “tails” students observe when flipping a coin repeatedly. This notebook allows them to flip a nearly infinite number of coins.A classic statistics experiment is simply counting how many “heads” and “tails” students observe when flipping a coin repeatedly. This notebook allows them to flip an infinite number of coins.Click2018-09-17
Mathematics8Multiplication and Division of FractionsDevelop an understanding of multiplying and dividing fractionsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics8Create label and interpret line graphsLearn to plot data as line graphs in PythonClick2020-02-04
Mathematics8Graph and Analyze Two-variable Linear RelationsGraph and analyze two-variable linear relationsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics8Independent ProbabilitySolve problems involving the probability of independent eventsClick2019-03-15
Mathematics9Order of OperationsExplain and apply the order of operations, including exponents, with and without technologyClick2020-02-04
Mathematics9-12Exponential GrowthIntroducing exponential growth using rice on a chessboard and lily pads on a pondClick2022-08-31
Mathematics10-11Tipping Point JobsDemonstrate an understanding of income by determining which job offer you should takeClick2020-03-24
Mathematics11Develop Statistical ReasoningDemonstrate an understanding of normal distribution, including standard deviation, z-scoresClick2018-09-17
Mathematics11Fibonacci NumbersLearn about the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden ratioClick2020-02-04
Mathematics11Budget and Banking AssignmentSolve problems that involve personal budgetsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics11Curve FittingFinding a best fit line or curveClick2020-07-22
Mathematics11Curve Fitting Real DataFinding a best fit line or curve with real-world dataClick2020-07-22
Mathematics11Statistics ProjectA statistical research project for high school math studentsClick2020-08-29
Mathematics12Cryptography CyphersA lesson in the basics of cyptography and its cyphersClick2018-09-17
Mathematics12Visualizing Exponential GrowthExploring the logarithmic scale and exponential growth with COVID-19 case dataClick2020-12-10
Mathematics12Compositions of FunctionsExplore operations on and compositions of functionsClick2018-09-17
Mathematics12Intervals (where inequality is satisfied)Graph and analyze polynomial functions (limited to polynomial functions of degree ≤ 5 )Click2020-02-04
Mathematics12Effects of Reflections on graphs of functionsDemonstrate an understanding of the effects of reflections on the graphs of functions and their related equationsClick2018-09-17
Mathematics12Analyze Radical FunctionsIntroduction to graphing and analyzing radical functionsClick2018-09-17
Mathematics12Represent data, using sinusoidal functions, to solve problems.Represent data, using sinusoidal functions, to solve problemsClick2020-02-04
Mathematics12Interpret and Assess OddsInterpret and assess the validity of odds and probability statementsClick2020-02-04

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