Data Visualizations

These pre-made, introductory data science lessons are a way for students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. We start with a question, find an open dataset to answer the question, and then ask students to reflect.

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Costliest Natural Disasters

By callysto | May 30, 2023

What have been the most expensive natural disasters in Canada’s history? Grades 5 – 9 The costs of natural disasters can go beyond the immediate damage they cause. They can have both long-lasting economic and social impacts on affected communities. Understanding the costs associated with such events can help us better prepare for and respond …

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Creating GIFs with code

By callysto | May 10, 2023

How can you make a GIF using code? Grades 5 – 8 A GIF is essentially a collection of individual, successive images or snapshots, which are then “played” in sequence as frames in a movie. For graphing purposes, they can be used to show changes over time or to highlight specific aspects of a data …

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Was this the warmest January ever?

By callysto | May 10, 2023

January 2023 seemed quite warm, but was it the warmest ever January? Grades 5 – 12 This week, we hope to inspire you with a data visualization about the weather. In recent years, countries around the world have reported record-breaking temperatures during certain time periods. For many Canadians, this past January felt unusually warm. Our …

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Water Quality in Canada

By callysto | April 5, 2023

How clean is Canada’s water? What the data shows Grades 9 – 12 Water quality can have a tremendous impact on every life form – from microorganisms, to wildlife, livestock, and humans – as well as on terrestrial ecosystems, climate, and nature. Statistics Canada collects water quality data from different aquatic ecosystems across the country. …

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Celebrating Black History Month

By callysto | February 24, 2023

A snapshot of African immigration to Canada in the 18th Century Grades 5 – 12 Context During the American Revolution, many people of African descent fled to the British side, and were relocated as free people of colour to communities in Canada, such as Nova Scotia. The British navy kept track of the names of …

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Air Quality in Canada

By callysto | October 10, 2022

How did emissions of major air pollutants change over the last 30 years? Grades 9 – 12 According to Health Canada, every year air pollution contributes to the death of more than 15,000 people in Canada alone. In 2022, the Government of Canada launched an ambitious 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan, which aims to reduce pollutant …

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Food Prices in Canada

By callysto | August 3, 2022

How has consumer product pricing changed in 2022? Grades 6 – 12 According to recent headlines (e.g. this CBC article), grocery prices in Canada are soaring. Is there any correlation between this surge in food prices and the Covid-19 pandemic? In this exercise, we investigated the monthly average retail price of common grocery store products …

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Fuel Costs in Canada

By callysto | June 14, 2022

Are fuel costs in Canada reaching record highs? Grades 6 – 12 On March 3, 2022, CTV reported that gas prices have reached record highs across the country. Is this claim true? If so, how dramatic is the increase in fuel costs over the last few years? This week, we hope to inspire you with …

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MLB Pitchers and Pitch Types

By callysto | April 14, 2021

Can MLB pitching statistics be used to visualize differences in pitch types? Grades 6-12 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams can have up to 13 pitchers on their roster during the regular season, and four to six of those are usually starting pitchers. Our goal is to use MLB data to see if there are numerical …

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