Data Science Student Hackathons

We run free data science hackathons for Grades 5-12 classrooms in Canada. During our hackathons, students solve a problem by “hacking” or analyzing an open dataset. Currently, we offer both online and in-person hackathons, and follow provincial health regulations and rules with respect to COVID-19.

How our online hackathons work

  • Students need a secure internet connection to participate.
  • The hackathons typically run for 2-3 days.
  • Students attend a virtual launch event, led by Callysto experts, to get an overview of the hackathon challenges and ask questions.
  • Students work independently (or in groups) on their hackathon challenges.
  • Students attend virtual support sessions, led by Callysto experts, as needed.
  • Students submit their challenges to the Callysto team for judging.
  • Callysto announces the hackathon winner.

Hackathon offerings

  • School or classroom hackathons: if you're a Grades 5-12 teacher in Canada, you or your school district can ask us to lead a hackathon. We handle the event from start-to-finish.
  • Hackathon material creation: if you're a Grades 5-12 teacher in Canada and need help making hackathon materials, we can support you. We also have a hackathon planning guide to help you get started.

Teacher Training

We provide free group, or one-on-one training for Grades 5-12 teachers in Canada about:

  • How to use Callysto in the classroom
  • How to help students learn to interpret graphs
  • How to create a data science hackathon
  • How to use data science in everyday classroom curricula

Customized Data Science Learning Modules

We help Grades 5-12 teachers in Canada create customized data science modules to fit their curricula, and student needs. For more information please email

Have Questions?

We’re here to help. Please email if you have questions about how to use Callysto in your classroom.  


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