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Get a First-Hand Look at Callysto’s Data Science Course

By callysto | May 4, 2020

The Callysto project is creating ways for Grades 5-12 students and teachers in Canada to learn data science skills – this includes data analysis, visualization, and coding. Data science is becoming an in-demand workforce skill; our goal is to help prepare teachers and students for the workforce of tomorrow. To offer teachers on-demand data science […]

Students Solve “Zombie Apocalypse” Problems During Online Callysto Hackathon

By callysto | April 28, 2020

Since 2019, Callysto has hosted three in-person student “hackathons” for students in Grades 7-12. “Hacking” in these events refers to students solving data-based challenges using coding and data analysis of open data sets. The goal of our hackathons, and the Callysto project in general, is to help students and teachers across Canada learn in-demand data […]

Callysto Partner Takes Coding Into Alberta Classrooms

By callysto | April 27, 2020

Callysto is a free, online, federally-funded tool which helps Grades 5-12 students and teachers across Canada learn digital literacy skills, including coding and data analysis. One way we do this is through our Call for Proposals, which funds digital literacy activities for teachers and students. Meet one of the recipients from our phase 1 Call […]

Callysto Tech Tips: Sharing Our Online Notebooks

By David Hay | April 1, 2020

Callysto learning modules are Jupyter notebooks stored on GitHub, which is an online code-sharing site. A Jupyter notebook is a type of document that can include formatted text, live code, and visualizations. You can share a notebook with your students, or colleagues, using a specially-formatted link that creates a copy for each person that clicks […]

Students Learn to “Hack” Open Data to Gain In-Demand Data Science Skills

By callysto | February 25, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PICTURE BUTTE, AB: February 25, 2020: Today, Grade 7-12 students will learn in-demand digital literacy skills – including data analysis and coding – at the Southwest Alberta Hackathon, hosted by Callysto and Palliser Regional Schools. Starting at 9:30 a.m. at Picture Butte High School, students will use open data from sources such […]

Callysto Supports Quantum Computing Workshop for High School Students

By callysto | January 24, 2020

The Callysto Call for Proposals funds activities supporting coding and computational thinking skills among Grades 5-12 students and teachers across Canada. Meet one of our phase 1 recipients, HighTechU! They’re running a quantum computing workshop for high school students on January 25, 2020 at the University of Victoria. HighTechU team members Ulrike Stege and Prashanti […]

Callysto Student Spotlight: Ewan Brinkman

By callysto | January 22, 2020

Student engagement is a top priority for the Callysto team. It’s a good way for us to improve our curricula-based models and understand how students are interacting with them. One way we engage students is encouraging them to get involved in the back-end development of the Callysto project. So, let’s introduce you to one such […]

Callysto Call for Proposals Recipients

By callysto | January 14, 2020

Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals for phase 1 of Callysto’s Call for Proposals. This initiative supports digital literacy learning opportunities for teachers and students. We’re pleased to award funding to 10 organizations across Canada. Their projects will promote coding and computational thinking for Grades 5-12 students and teachers in fun and creative ways. Remember, there’s still […]

Happy Holidays!

By callysto | December 19, 2019

From all of us at Callysto: happy holidays! Thank you for continuing to support what we do. We’re passionate about helping teachers use Callysto to provide their students with the skills they need for the digital workforce – coding, computational thinking, and digital literacy. 2019 highlights We received funding from the federal government to take […]

Over 150 Alberta Students to Learn Digital Workforce Skills at Hackathon

By callysto | December 17, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STRATHCONA COUNTY, AB: December 17, 2019: Over 150 students from Elk Island Public Schools and Elk Island Catholic Schools will learn in-demand digital workforce skills – including coding, computational thinking, and data literacy – at a hackathon being hosted by Callysto, a federally-funded learning program. Starting at 9:00 a.m. in the Strathcona […]

Building Life Skills with Data Science

By callysto | December 9, 2019

Data and daily decision-making go hand-in-hand. From finding the cheapest gas in an area with multiple gas stations to determining the healthiest meal choices for dinner — we often look at multiple data sets to find patterns and, from there, decide what to do. There’s another word for this process – data science. One of Callysto’s goals […]

Teaching Computational Thinking and Coding? Get Funds for Your Classroom Activities

By callysto | October 9, 2019

Note: the Call for Proposals initiative is closed. Should further dates be announced, details will be provided. If you teach Grades 5-12 students in Canada, Callysto wants to help fund your classroom activities related to computational thinking and coding. For example, you could submit a proposal to cover the cost of developing curriculum resources that feature Jupyter Notebooks (for […]


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