Coast Salish baskets

What geometric concepts can be seen in the traditional weaving of the Coast Salish people? Grades 5 – 9 Weaving is a craft with a long history in many places around the world, including the Pacific Northwest. Woven baskets, in particular, have long been important practical and cultural objects for BC Coast Salish people. An […]

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Canadian rent prices

Are Canadian rent prices rising? Grades 10 – 12 Have you ever wondered how much renting a house in Canada costs? Is it cheaper to live in Alberta compared to British Columbia? The following data visualization tracks the evolution of rental rates for various types of units (from bachelor suites to three-bedroom apartments) across different

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Callysto launches AI and Data Science course

A mere decade ago, the term “artificial intelligence” (AI) evoked visions of futuristic battlegrounds pitting humans against sentient time-travelling robots. Fast forward to today, we’re moving beyond sensationalism and diving headfirst into a reality where AI is integrated into everyday life. With the recent explosion of “generative AI” tools, it is crucial we learn how

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YouTube’s most and least favourite coding languages

Which programming language is most favourably received among YouTubers? Grades 6 – 12 Natural Language Processing (NLP), a computer science and linguistics subfield, aims to help computers comprehend human languages. Central to NLP is sentiment analysis: the process of figuring out whether a piece of text expresses positive, negative, or neutral feelings. We gauged YouTubers’

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Sunsets and sunrises

Have you ever wondered how sunset, sunrise, and day lengths compare globally? Grades 5 – 9 This exercise visualizes the specific times at which the sun rises and sets in various geographical locations at different times of the year. These times vary depending on the rotation of the Earth on its axis, time zones, and

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Wildfires in Canada

What are the main sources of wildfires in Canada? Grades 5 – 9 Wildfires have recently become an urgent concern in Canada. They significantly decrease air quality and pose threats to ecosystems, human lives, and the environment. This week, we explore the various causes of wildfires in Canada, identifying the most destructive types. Moreover, we

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Colourful Calgary cows

Where are the colourful cows in Calgary? Grades 5 – 8 If you’ve ever strolled through the streets of Calgary and found yourself captivated by the sight of a large, vibrant cow statue, you’re not alone. These colourful cows are the outcome of the Udderly Art: Colourful Cows for Calgary project. Initiated by a group

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History of residential schools

Where were residential schools located in Canada and when did they operate? Grades 5 – 9 The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) was created in 2008 to bring to light the experiences of Indigenous students in residential schools throughout Canada’s history. In December 2015, the TRC released its final report, providing a detailed

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Costliest natural disasters

What have been the most expensive natural disasters in Canada’s history? Grades 5 – 9 The costs of natural disasters can go beyond the immediate damage they cause. They can have both long-lasting economic and social impacts on affected communities. Understanding the costs associated with such events can help us better prepare for and respond

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