A fond farewell and securing the future: Callysto transitions to a new phase

Cybera and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), the creators of the online digital skills learning platform, Callysto, today announce that they are winding down their involvement in the project. Callysto will continue to operate as an open source tool, and its 125+ learning resources will remain available to teachers and students across […]

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Understanding the stock market

How does understanding the stock market help students make better financial decisions? Grades 9 – 12 Grasping financial literacy through stocks from a young age establishes a foundation for long-term financial literacy, encouraging students to make informed decisions, develop saving habits, and leverage the compounding benefits of early investments. In this data visualization, our goal

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Callysto’s collaboration with Phidgets Education

Callysto and Phidgets Education bridge physical computing and data science Callysto has been collaborating with Phidgets Education for the past couple of years. Phidgets (which stands for Physical Widgets) are programmable USB sensors that can collect real-time data. These tools are widely used by STEM students, educators, and professionals globally. This partnership is a natural

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Exploring Government funding allocations

Where does Canada’s money flow? Grades 6 – 9 Understanding the Canadian government’s budget, expenditures, and future spending plans is important for promoting transparency and accountability. Moreover, it allows us to pinpoint areas for optimization, focusing on high-spending sectors. In this data visualization, we examined how various sectors within the Canadian government allocate their budgets.

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Interactive Career and Life Management (CALM) course

Callysto has released an interactive course based on Alberta’s CALM (Career and Life Management) curriculum. CALM is not only a graduation requirement for an Alberta High School Diploma, but also a vital component of comprehensive school health education, as it focuses on students’ knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, competencies, and values. This emphasis on self-understanding is essential

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World Children’s Day

How many children are not enrolled in primary school globally? Grades 5 – 12 World Children’s Day, which happens every year on November 20, has a different theme each year, and the 2023 theme is ‘For every child, every right.’ The day celebrates two key milestones. On November 20, 1959, the Declaration of the Rights

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Disability prevalence in Canada

How many Canadians have disabilities compared to those without? What are the employment rates among Canadians with disabilities? Grades 5 – 9 Canada is home to a significant number of individuals with disabilities, who face a diverse range of impairments, limitations, or restrictions related to vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive or intellectual abilities. The impact of

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World Teachers’ Day

How does the teacher-to-student ratio vary across Canadian provinces? How do students describe their favourite teachers? Grades 5 – 12 Canada celebrates World Teachers’ Day annually on October 5. This day recognizes the significant contributions teachers make to education, and underscores the support they offer to their students. The following data visualization tracks the number

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