Bring Data Science into Your Classroom

“The [Callysto] hackathon allowed me the freedom to follow a path of my interests and develop the information and code to how I thought it related back to the initial question being asked.”

–⁠ Ryan E., student

“...I have gained interest in a career in data science.”

–⁠ June K., student

“Analyzing and creating graphs allowed me to express my critical thinking skills.”

–⁠ Kristina L., student

“I found it incredibly fascinating learning about how we could visualize the immense amount of data that we were given, all through Python code.”

–⁠ Oliver F., student

“Students who I thought wouldn’t like coding or doing a computer-type skill are saying, “this is pretty cool.” And at the end of the day I always want them to work on teamwork, communication, problem solving, and conceptual learning that goes beyond just the textbook.”

–⁠ Jenn O’neill, teacher

What is Callysto?

Callysto is a free, online learning tool that helps Grades 5-12 students and teachers in Canada learn and apply in-demand data science skills including data analysis, visualization, coding, and computational thinking.

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